Rob Agnew

Do you remember what you thought grown-up life would be like when you were still a kid?

It looked amazing right? New flashy cars, living in a mansion with the love of your life, actor by day and spy by night!

Then…adulthood happens and reality hits.

Car payments, taxes, non-stop chores, and for many of us…relationships that aren’t as easy as movies make them out to be. Sometimes, it is the love of your life who hurts you the most.

Life doesn’t have to feel this way.

All of us have moments where we need some help. Life doesn’t have a manual but each of us has a core need to be treated with dignity and kindness. It’s ok to need some guidance.

I would love to hear your story. Relationship repair starts with someone truly understanding and caring about what it’s been like to be YOU! But we all know that understanding is nothing without action and practical solutions. Incremental and manageable changes make a significant difference over time. I can help.

–Rob Agnew


If you’re looking for a therapist who will understand you, look no further. Rob’s ability to read emotions is nothing short of incredible. The web of distress that occurs in relationships can be complicated and exhausting. Rob seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to seeing exactly what’s going on underneath the surface, and what needs to happen to restore your hope and faith in each other. 

Rob brings many impressive qualities to his work as a therapist.  He’s unassuming, curious, and genuine.  You will feel immediately at ease with him.  

Rob is also well spoken, intelligent and very thoughtful in his therapeutic style. And when you combine that with his organic blend of curiosity and empathy, you have a therapist that you can trust with the most important relationship in your life.


Rob earned a BS in Finance at Northern Illinois University, and a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Wheaton College. Before receiving advanced training in couples therapy, Rob’s experience included providing therapy for couples and individuals at in a group private practice in Hinsdale, IL.

To schedule an appointment with Rob, please call 630-232-7457.