Intensive Couples Therapy

Is Your Relationship on the Brink?

Many people contact us as a last effort to save their relationships. There has been so much pain, and so many efforts to fix things that haven’t worked. It’s the 11th hour and something needs to happen – and it needs to happen fast.

It’s not unusual for us to hear from people that they have been to couples therapy several times before, and nothing worked. What we eventually learn is that those other therapies were not like ours. But that’s water under the bridge now. The reality is that you can’t take it much longer. Your reserves are giving out. You need Intensive Couples Therapy.

Do You Have a Crisis That Immediate and Intensive Intervention?

But maybe it’s not the 11th hour. And maybe your relationship isn’t on the brink. In fact, it’s only recently that you started feeling that there are serious problems. Life was going along okay, and then something unexpected happened.

        … a betrayal
        … a change in circumstances
        … a really stressful event

In the same way that the diagnosis of a life-threatening medical condition requires immediate and aggressive intervention, sometimes relationship conditions arise that require intensive help.

Intensive Couples Therapy is the most potent form of treatment that we offer. In many cases, you can get your relationship stabilized or back on track within three days.

Intensive Couples Therapy

Your intensive therapy will be tailored to the unique needs of your relationship. However, intensive therapy often progresses according to a general plan.

Day One

    • You and your partner will each receive personalized manuals that will guide you through the change process.
    • Your therapist will gather information and cultivate a mindset in each of you that’s needed for getting your relationship back on track.
    • You’ll develop a clear understanding of the ways that you each have contributed to the depleted condition of your relationship and understand the importance of accepting your share of responsibility.
    • In the evening, you’ll read specific sections of your personalized book, Developing Habits for Relationship Success and engage in writing and reflection that prepares you for a successful second day.

    Day Two

    • You’ll develop a plan for changing your day-to-day relationship habits.
    • Your therapist will facilitate healing conversations about past hurts.


    • Your therapist will help you break out of gridlocks over contentious issues.

    Day Three

    • You’ll each learn how to use exercises and practices that will help you avoid making mistakes that you have made in the past.
    • You’ll learn daily practices that increase feelings of love and connection.
    • You’ll leave with a personalized plan for sustaining changes.



Change for Your Relationship that Works

Typically, couples who engage in this intensive format continue afterward with follow-up sessions either in person or remotely via a program similar to Skype, only more secure.

The three-day intensive format can be modified to meet your specific needs. For example, you may want to jump-start the change process with just one intensive day rather than three. By the end of this day, you’ll receive feedback and concrete suggestions from your therapist.

From there, you can continue with weekly therapy sessions in-person or remotely via video-sessions. Or, you can come back for additional intensive days that are spaced weeks apart. Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of different formats with your therapist before beginning therapy.

Don’t Live With Regret

The costs of the break-up of a committed love relationship are hard to calculate, but nobody escapes unharmed. You’ll feel better immediately when you call to get started with the kind of aggressive intervention needed to save your relationship.

Call us at 630-232-7457 to get the fast, intensive help that your relationship needs.