Couples Therapy for One

Have you been trying to get your partner to come to therapy with you, but the answer has been “no?”

Does your partner believe that therapy won’t help? Or worse yet, does your partner think that you’re the problem?

Are you feeling angry, hurt, and maybe hopeless about the possibility that things will ever get better?

There’s something you should know.

Studies suggest that if even one partner improves his or her functioning in a relationship, the other partner is more likely to improve as well.

It takes two to make a relationship work, but it just takes one to get the ball rolling. Most people don’t realize the dramatic impact that they-by-themselves can have on their relationships.

Many of the abilities that create good relationships are not “couple” abilities – they’re “individual” abilities. They’re not communication habits. They are what drives communication habits, involving internal qualities like…

… flexibility,

… open-mindedness,

… the willingness to compromise,

… the ability to let go of negative emotions and shift to more positive ones,

… and the willingness to rock the boat when things aren’t right.

The ability to stand up for yourself without putting your partner down is not optional.

It’s a requirement for anyone who hopes to have a partner who is flexible and considerate.

The single most powerful thing that you can do to get your partner to treat you well is to develop the ability to react effectively when your partner is not treating you well.

But what about the good stuff?

Of course, you want more than just flexibility and respect from your partner, right?

You want your partner to crave you!

You want your partner’s eyes to light up when you walk in the room!

We’ve spent decades studying how people who are good at getting love and affection from their partners go about doing it.

We can teach you how.

Once we understand you and your relationship, we’ll design a personalized training program complete with dozens of exercises, practices and protocols that will make you awesome at eliciting the kind of love and desire that you want and need from your partner.

And we’ll give you step-by-step guidance at executing your program effectively.

Each day, you’ll get better and better at getting the love that you desire.

Why should I do all the work?

Because you get all the benefit! There is no down side to knowing how to bring out the best in your partner.

Why wait until your partner feels like treating you better when you can do something about it right now?

People who know how to elicit love and respect from their partners are among the happiest people on earth.

Won’t I reinforce my partner’s belief that I’m the problem?

Let’s get one thing straight: You are not the problem in your relationship. It’s never that simple.

Your partner may not realize it yet, but you both contributed to the depleted condition of your relationship. Eventually, your partner will realize this. Be bold (and smart) enough to go first.

Don’t let your partner’s finger-pointing stop you from becoming better at standing up for yourself effectively. Learn how to create the conditions that motivate your partner to look at him or herself more clearly.

Come in and let us show you how you can get more love and respect from your partner. Begin with just one session. You’ll be amazed at how it can happen. Call 630-232-7457.

(Read more about how you can impact your relationship through your own efforts in our
book, Developing Habits for Relationship Success.)