Lauren Goldberger

“Coffee in one hand, your phone in the other…venting to your best friend about the argument you had last night… again.

How did it get this bad? We used to be so good together.

Your friend offers support, tells you things will get better… again. Same as the last time you talked.

Let’s face it, relationships are hard. You’ve known for a while now that things were going off the rails. You may be thinking it’s probably too late, impossible to fix.

But it’s not.

Let me set a new scene for you:

There you are, sitting in therapy next to your partner. Open, vulnerable, holding hands. Working through the pain and dealing with the issues head on. Creating change together. Letting yourselves want each other again.

Sound good? Together we’ll dive in, find the root causes of what’s not working, and give you the tools to rewrite the outcome of your story. So the next time you’re sipping coffee with your best friend, you have a whole new story to tell.”

–Lauren Goldberger


Lauren is genuinely one of the hardest-working therapists we’ve met. But she’d never let on.

With Lauren, we guarantee you are getting more than what you pay for. Behind the scenes, she is constantly strategizing about how to help her clients with precision and efficiency. She always has a plan.

Lauren’s friendly, humble, and unassuming nature will put you at ease. You’ll quickly sense the depth in which she will care about your frustrations and hardships and her passion for helping you create new, better ways of connecting.

Lauren is able to see things that often get overlooked. Her quiet confidence will inspire you to break out of the unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck. Lauren will be a deep breath of hope for your relationship, right when you need it most.


Lauren earned a BS in Psychology and Social Work from Bradley University and an MSW in Clinical Mental Health from the University of Minnesota. Before coming to the Couples Clinic, her experience included working with family and high-risk teens.

To schedule an appointment with Lauren, please call 630-232-7457.