Angie Lazzara

Finally, a quiet moment. Just you, alone with your thoughts. Unable to shake the feeling that you’re just not each other’s priority anymore.

Remember the time when you were best friends and lovers? A time when you wanted to spend every minute with each other.

Life seems to pull us farther and farther away from the times we miss the most.

Nowadays we have so many things pushing us in different directions. Kids, work, family, and social media can all create distance. But worst of all, resentment replaces desire. We become afraid to crave the loving feeling we once sought from our partner.

Our daily frustrations can turn into anger, bitterness, contempt, or resentment.

I can help each of you get on the path to having a healthy relationship where you can get back to being best friends again. Let’s start to build that foundation so that you can maintain and strengthen your connection with each other.

‘Best friends and lovers’ is a damn good way to spend your life together!

–Angie Lazzara


One of the best things about Angie is her positivity and hope. Absolutely contagious! She is easy to talk to and provides understanding and care while also rolling up her sleeves to help you find real solutions to your problems.

Angie is the type of person who is not afraid to advocate for the needs of others. She understands the importance of being able to invest in yourself and in your relationship at the same time. It’s tough to find that balance, especially with so many challenging circumstances going on in your life.

What you’ll get from Angie is someone who is highly adaptable to the specifics of your situation and your needs. Your relationship journey won’t be a straight line, but her compass is always pointing towards the destination. She’ll make sure you don’t get lost in the drama along the way!


Angie received her BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences from National Louis University. She then went on to earn her MS in Counseling from National Louis University. Before coming to The Couples Clinic, Angie provided substance abuse counseling in Addison, IL.

To schedule an appointment with Angie, please call 630-232-7457.