Gigi Sappenfield

“Will this cycle ever stop?”  

 Big feelings, bigger reactions. Again, and again…and again. Day after day the same agonizing patterns have replaced fulfillment with emptiness and resentment.

You may be the one who longs to feel heard, believing that if your partner finally understood your pain and frustration then you would finally get the love and comfort you’ve been needing.

Or maybe you’re the one who feels like there’s no use in talking about it.  Nothing good will come of it. No matter what you try, it’s never good enough. Your only option is to withdraw.

So many relationships fall into the same destructive patterns. Do you feel like you are at the end of the relationship rope?

Thankfully, there are well researched methods to replace the pain and relentlessness with confidence and connection. If you’re ready to start, the work can be challenging but it will also be exciting and rewarding. I am absolutely committed to making counseling a positive experience.

-Gigi Sappenfield

Couples Clinic Endorsement:

Gigi is quick on her feet, able to handle the unpredictable turns that relationships often take. If you’re worried about having a therapist who is too passive, worry no more. Gigi makes her presence known!  You’ll never walk out of sessions wondering if your therapist is up to the task of helping you. She has an undeniable ability to care at deep levels, matched by the confidence it takes to say the hard things that you need to hear in a way that goes down easy.  It’s her combination of tough and tender that makes her so effective.

Gigi has got just the right blend of empathy, humor, and persistence. She’s naturally curious and pays close attention to small details that end up making the biggest impact.  She will see and understand your deeper needs and offer you solid strategies to make the changes that you need.

Gigi has long had a passion for helping others, but it wasn’t until she decided to specialize in relationships that she finally knew exactly where she belongs. Here!! At The Couples Clinic!!

We are so excited to have her on our team and we know you’ll feel the same after just a few sessions with her.


Gigi earned a BS in Psychology from St. Xavier, and an a Masters in Counseling from Trinity Christian College, both in Illinois. Before coming to the Couples Clinic, her experience included providing individual and family therapy at Balance Counseling and Wellness, as well as offering a variety of trauma focused treatment to those struggling with PTSD. Gigi is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. 

To schedule an appointment with Gigi, please call (630) 232-7457.