Question: “Each approach to couples therapy seems to offer something important, but isn’t there an approach to Couples Therapy that does it all?”
Answer: Yes!
Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy for Couples (PET-C)…
  • helps partners heal attachment wounds, and
  • addresses power imbalances in relationships, and
  • addresses the problem of contempt early in the therapy process, and
  • helps each client understand precisely the internal and interpersonal changes they need to make for their relationships to improve, and
  • gives clients concrete tools for navigating spontaneous disagreements effectively, and
  • teaches clients a tried-and-true process for getting on the same page with a game plan for how to handle areas where they tend to chronically disgree, and
  • is based on empirically-validated relationship discoveries about what works and what doesn’t in relationships, and
  • draws on the latest neuroscientific knowledge about the conditions that are necessary for our brains to aquire new habits, and
  • facilitates acceptance and committment, and
  • gives clients concrete tools that enable them rewire their automatic habits, and
  • doesn’t beat around the bush or coddle clients who need to be challenged, and
  • teaches 14 different ways to give clients critical feedback without them feeling criticized, and
  • is effective in transforming relationships even when only one partner is motivated, and
  • focuses on facilitating emotional processing and expression, challenging outmoded beliefs and assumptions, and making behavioral changes.

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