Trish Rogers

“Sometimes, you may feel like you’re living with a stranger — or even worse, an enemy.

You’re dealing with someone who was once easy to love, but now it feels hard.

You’re understandably tired and want to give up because the relationship that is supposed to be your peace brings you stress. You may feel like you have tried everything, but nothing has worked.

The good thing is, all hope is not lost. There is one more thing to try and that is the method that has been proven to change the trajectory of relationships all over the world. Once you and your partner learn the skills that PET-C instills, you won’t have to look anywhere else.

Allow me to gently guide your relationship down a path where your connection will feel unbreakable, you’ll resolve your differences respectfully, and most importantly, your love will feel simple.”

–Trish Rogers


Trish has extraordinary ability to make couples feel so comfortable that they nearly forget they are in therapy! Talking to Trish feels like you’re talking to an old friend. Yet, behind the scenes she is constantly moving each session towards the goal.

If you choose Trish, you’re getting a therapist with a perfect background blend of education, research, real-world experience, and comedic relief! She’s always laughing, down to earth, and full of life.

The biggest problem you’ll have with Trish is that even after she gets your relationship back on track, you won’t want to stop coming to see her!


Patricia graduated from Aurora University with a BA in psychology. She also holds two MA degrees from The Chicago School of Psychology: One in Applied Behavioral Analysis and the other in Counseling Psychology. Before receiving advanced training in couples therapy, she gained experience providing individual and family therapy at an outpatient facility in Illinois.

To schedule an appointment with Trish, please call 630-232-7457.