Kelly Smith

Does your relationship feel heavy? Weighed down by questions you don’t have answers to?

“How can I feel heard when every time I speak up, it spirals into an argument?”

“How can we manage a life together when we’re so different in so many ways?”

“How can we ever get back to the excitement and bliss of when we first fell in love?”

You need answers…but the truth is that this stuff does not come naturally for most of us. That’s okay!

The question of how to make a relationship work has been researched thoroughly and I can offer you real tools that have been proven not only to ease your relationship woes but also give you the romance of your dreams!

Let’s roll up our sleeves together and get you both feeling more seen, loved, and connected than ever. Your love story is unique and worth fighting for, and I’ll be supporting you every step of the way!

–Kelly Smith


​Kelly’s clients feel like they hit the jackpot because she is so invested in their relationship. She’s passionate about helping people break free from unhealthy and unsafe patterns so they can finally be their authentic selves within their relationship, not in spite of it.  She’s uncommonly intuitive.  She sees beneath the symptoms and find’s each couples underlying sources of disconnect, then creates a clear path for re-connection.

Kelly understands that by the time partners come into therapy, they’ve already been struggling for quite some time. Kelly works with a sense of urgency, yet but somehow creates a casual and comfortable atmosphere where partners feel safe and able to drop their defenses.

Kelly will breathe hope and optimism back into your relationship and show you exactly how to get more of what you want. Her clients understand that they must devote time and effort into their relationship, but they’re relieved to sense that Kelly can help them avoid wasting time and direct their efforts in the right direction.


Kelly earned a BS in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University, and an MA in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling from the University of Nevada, Reno. Before receiving advanced training in couples therapy, she gained valuable experience working at a not-for-profit community clinic.

To schedule an appointment with Kelly, please call 630-232-7457.