Julie Szekely

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that love relationships
can be more difficult than it seems like they should be.

You may have tried to make things better, but feel hopeless and helpless
because changes haven’t happened.

Let me help you feel hopeful again. I will help you…

…find your way to more love and connection,

…resolve conflicts more easily,

…and experience joy in your relationship again.

Change is hard, but with the right plan and support you can begin feeling
better within a few weeks.

Ready? Let’s get going!”
-Julie Szekely

Dr. Atkinson’s Endorsement:

Julie has an uncanny ability to “think outside the box.”

Couples often remark that she’s able to see things about their relationship that they were blind to, and she helps them find pathways out of gridlocked conflicts that had previously eluded them.

Julie pays close attention to each partner’s disappointments, hopes, and dreams, and helps each partner understand and value what is truly important to the other.

Couples leave therapy feeling a renewed sense of support from each other and confidence that they can face any obstacle by working as a team.


A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie comes to the Couples Clinic with a strong background in parent-child relationships, having worked years with families who were having problems with adolescents.

A Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Julie also has a strong background in chemical dependency treatment.  She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northern Illinois University’s Accredited Graduate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy

To schedule an appointment with Julie, please call 630-232-7457.