April Nisan Ilkmen

“I believe that relationships thrive when partners are respectful of their differences, free to express their thoughts and feelings without being judged, share and support each other’s goals and dreams, and care deeply about the quality of each other’s day-to-day experiences. In our work together, I will help you become more adept at forging a relationship where these things happen abundantly. Step-by-step, I will guide you through the conversations needed for you to heal and recover from hurtful events, and I’ll introduce methods that enable you to resolve your differences and get on the same page with your expectations. As we progress, a safe space will be created for you and your partner to express your needs and longings. We will gently remove obstacles and open doors to the kind of comforting and stimulating companionship you have always wanted.”

–April Nisan Ilkmen

Dr. Atkinson’s Endorsement:

Amidst all of the fighting or distance, what kind of relationship do you long for? April Ilkmen cares about this. A lot. You might think that things would be so much better if you weren’t arguing all the time, or if your partner would engage in caring actions more often. This may be true, but April has her sights set much higher. “Getting along better” can only take you so far, and “caring acts” can be empty gestures unless you and your partner are connected at a deeper level. April is a masterful teacher and facilitator of connection. Extraordinary intuitive and brilliantly insightful, she’ll cultivate in each of you the ability to recognize and appreciate each other’s unique qualities and accept each other’s vulnerabilities. You’ll finish therapy functioning as a more harmonious team, feeling new levels of comfort with each other, and experiencing higher levels of mutual desire.


After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Ottawa, April Ilkmen received a Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy from Adler University. She is an Associate Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapist in Illinois, and is currently enrolled in Adler’s renowned Ph.D. program in Couple and Family Therapy. April grew up in Turkey, has lived in Canada, and now resides in the U.S. She speaks English, Turkish and French.

To schedule an appointment with April, please call 630-232-7457.