Level 3 Training in Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy for Couples (PET-C)

(Prerequisites for Level 3:  Completion of Levels 1 and 2)

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             PET-C Level 3 Training will equip you to skillfully navigate common challenges with couples and be prepared to adapt and improvise as you encounter yet additional challenges in the future.  Common challenges addressed in Level 3 training include when…

  • clients resist the Getting on Board process in various ways, despite the therapist skillfully applying standard methods for getting clients on board.
  • clients aren’t on board with doing between-session readings and exercises.
  • clients are willing, but can’t follow through on the between-session readings and exercises.
  • it’s time to “show a client the door.”
  • it’s time to help a client “Refuse to Continue Business as Usual” with his/her partner.
  • partners have discrepancies in sexual desire.
  • a client has no interest in sex.
  • a client confesses that s/he has never really been physically attracted to his/her mate.
  • one or both partners have accepted the other’s limitations, but have fallen into a stable pattern of avoidance, withdrawal, and lethargy.
  • a partner is too emotionally independent for meaningful connection to occur.
  • there has been a recent affair.
  • a partner has an anxiety disorder, mood disorder, personality disorder, or substance use disorder that is affecting the relationship.
  • a partner is undecided about whether they want to try saving the relationship or not.
  • outside stressors such as job stress, difficult in-laws, financial pressure, or chronic illness are impacting the relationship.
  • there has been violence in the relationship.

Training participants will be encouraged to initiate discussion about additional areas that they have found to be especially challenging.

Through role plays, participants will have opportunities to portray difficult clients while Dr. Atkinson demonstrates how to apply PET-C methods.

Training Dates: TBA