Is Your Marriage on the Brink?

The best marriage counseling in Chicago’s western suburbs

Be Honest

Are you exhausted?

Do you find yourself wondering how much more you can take?

Do you have frequent thoughts about separation or divorce?

Have you tried everything you can think of to make things better, but nothing has worked?

Has your world been turned upside down?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “yes,” standard couples therapy might not work for you.

Desperate situations require more.

For many couples who come to us, it’s the 11th hour and something needs to happen – and it needs to happen fast.

They’ve often been to couples therapy before, but the results were short-lived or non-existent.

Those other therapies were not like ours.

Here’s why we’re different:

1. Intensive

Most marriage therapists use only one format for helping: weekly sessions. But many relationships require more.

Just as life-threatening medical conditions require immediate and aggressive intervention, your relationship may also require intensive therapy.

We can work with you all day, every day for three straight days in a row, if needed. Afterwards, you may benefit from daily contact with your therapist.

We will do whatever is needed to get your relationship back on track, including live video mini-sessions as often as they are needed.

2. Specialized

Most therapists who work with couples are generalists.

Couples therapy is just one among many things that they do.

Not us. Healing relationships is what we do. Period. Nothing else. 24/7.

3. World-Wide Recognition

Our methods are widely known and used to heal relationships all over the world.

Go to our website. Read our books and articles.

See for yourself why people are raving about our services.

4. This isn’t just a job for us

We know how bad being out of sync with your mate can feel, and we are absolutely committed to helping you get to a better place.

We won’t stop until you have the kind of relationship that you’ve always wanted.

5. We won’t beat around the bush

Some things work in relationships and some things don’t.

You’ll never have to wonder what we’re thinking.

6. We expect you to work hard

Your relationship is a big deal.

Being good at anything requires effort, and being a good intimate partner is no different.

We won’t be shy about asking for the level of effort that’s needed for your relationship to thrive.

7. Daily guidance

Forging new relationship habits requires daily practice, not just weekly counseling sessions.

Your therapist will function like a personal trainer, designing an individualized skill-building program for you.

It’s Not Too Late

We help partners come back from the brink of disaster every day.

We’ll give you tools to create a relationship that you will truly love.

But we won’t stop there.

Call for a free 20-minute consultation. Ask about our intensive couples therapy methods.

You’ll quickly discover that we have the kind of knowledge, experience and commitment to put your relationship on a sure footing.

Call 630-232-7457 today.

What Clients Have Said

-Brandon and Jessica

We had worked with other counselors in the past, but with little success in addressing the real issues. I felt that our Couples Clinic therapist got to the heart of the matter.

-Grace and Adam

We went to the Couples Clinic with a marriage in crisis. The work we did there was surprisingly fast in helping us to rescue it.

-Debra and Steve

My husband and I went to several counselors, but it wasn’t until we went to Couples Clinic that we saw real improvement. We are feeling much closer, less reactive, and happier now.

-Drew and Anna

We went to The Couples Clinic about 9 years ago. For us it was life changing.

-Jane and Ron

We had two couples therapies before seeking help from the Couples Clinic. These other therapies were OK but in the long run they weren’t good enough. But the Couple Clinic approach brings so many helpful things you don’t find in other approaches… I can really say that the clinic saved our marriage.”