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What is Mindfulness?

Most people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships have elevated levels of stress.  Unless stress is reduced, they are often too agitated, exhausted, impatient or preoccupied to make needed changes in their relationships.  Thus, at the Couples Clinic our first priority is to get people involved in mindfulness stress reduction exercises.  Hundreds of studies have shown that, over a relatively short period of time, daily mindfulness exercises can change the settings of the nervous system in ways that can have wide ranging physical and mental benefits which include: reduction of stress, illness, anxiety, and depression; and boosting of immune system functioning, cardio-vascular health, mood regulation, positive feelings, and enjoyment of routine experiences.

  • People who practice mindfulness exercises on a daily basis report…
    • Feeling less daily pressure, urgency and anxiety;
    • Having relaxing, carefree moments more often, even when problems are unresolved or tasks aren’t done yet;
    • Feeling more settled, less like they’re on a treadmill, and less like they’re going 50 different directions at once;
    • Feeling more optimistic and positive, more able to stop their minds from over-thinking, more naturally interested in the details of their partners lives, more able to “take in” what others are saying without judging, analyzing, evaluating, or trying to fix things, and more able to enjoy small, everyday positive things that happen in their lives.

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