Mindfulness Groups

Foundations of Mindfulness Groups

(next group dates to be announced)

In Couples Clinic Foundations of Mindfulness group, people meet for an hour each week to discuss their experiences as they progress through an 8-week, self-guided mindfulness exercise program.  The self-guided program provides recordings that guide participants, step-by-step, in implementing 20-60 minutes of mindfulness exercises each day. Group members come to weekly Foundations of Mindfulness group meetings prepared to share their experiences with other group members who are similarly progressing through the exercises.  Each week, the group facilitator gives participants questions to reflect on as they engage in the exercises of the week.  Participants share their reflections on these questions during the next group meeting.   As a group, members engage in at least one mindfulness exercise during each meeting.

Outside of class, each group member implements either a mindfulness self-guided exercise program of exercises.

  • Click here for information about the self-guided program.

Cost is $20 per group.  Group size is limited.  Groups operate continuously.  You may join a group whenever you are ready and come to group meetings as long as you wish.  Inquire about group openings by calling 630-232-7457, ext. 115.

Groups are open to all people, regardless of the particular benefit(s) of mindfulness they are seeking

  •  Click here for an audio [12 minute] explanation of 1) why we offer mindfulness groups at the Couples Clinic, and 2) a description of Couples Clinic Foundations of Mindfulness groups (please be patient – the audio may take a few seconds after clicking to load)

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