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Mindfulness Training

The skills needed for successful relationships are easy to understand but can be hard to do because we often experience automatic tendencies that take us in the wrong direction.  But thanks to hundreds of scientific studies, we know that automatic tendencies of our brains can be changed.  Mindfulness exercises can recondition our brains, producing inclinations that work for us rather than against us.  These new inclinations can transform our relationships.  But the benefits go even further.  Studies suggest that mindfulness training…

  • reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
  • decreases rates of illness.
  • reduces chronic pain.
  • increases positive emotions and empathy.
  • decreases negative rumination.
  • improves memory, concentration and attention control.
  • increases enjoyment of simple pleasures.
  • increases ability to calm upset feelings.
  • increases ability to react skillfully in stressful or emotionally-charged situations.

At the Couples Clinic, our therapists will coach you in implementing daily mindfulness practices that have been shown to help the nervous system function better.  Just as physical strength training helps strengthen the body, mindfulness training helps strengthen the mind.

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