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Intensive Couples Therapy

If you live some distance from the Couples Clinic or want to jump start your relationship in a short period of time, we offer accelerated counseling experiences in which you can get your relationship back on track in three days. Based on new discoveries in neurobiology and the science of intimate relationships, our approach will help you and your partner each more fully develop a core set of emotional habits that have been proven to lead to satisfying relationships over 90% of the time.

Throughout the process you can expect that your therapist will…

  • understand and care about the things that are most important to you.
  • expertly guide you (and/or your partner) through the stages needed for healing and change to occur.
  • provide clear leadership and direction during therapy sessions and give step-by-step guidance about how to do things differently.
  • operate on the basis of established scientific evidence about relationships, rather than personal opinion.
  • challenge you and/or your partner when needed in a direct, yet non-threatening, supportive way.

Intensive therapy experiences are tailored to the unique needs of each couple. However, the therapy often progresses according to the following general plan:

Day One

  • You each receive personalized manuals to that will guide you through the change process.
  • The therapist gathers information and cultivates understandings and attitudes needed for successful day two conversations.
  • You develop a clear understanding of the ways that you each have contributed to the depleted condition of your relationship and understand the importance of accepting your share of the blame.
  • In the evening, you read specific sections of the manual and engage in writing and reflection that prepares you for a successful second day.

Day Two

  • Therapist facilitates healing conversations about past hurts.
  • Therapist helps you break out of gridlocks over ongoing differences.
  • Attention turns to improvements needed in each of your day-to-day habits.

Day Three

  • You learn how to use personalized audio recordings that will help you avoid making mistakes from the past.
  • You learn daily practices and exercises that increase feelings love and connection.
  • You leave with a personalized plan for sustaining changes.

Typically, couples who engage in this intensive format will continue afterward with some follow-up sessions either in person or remotely via a web-streaming-video program on the computer.

The three-day intensive format can be modified to meet your specific needs. For example, you may want to jump-start the change process with one intensive day. By the end of this day, you’ll receive feedback and concrete suggestions from your therapist. From there, you can continue with weekly therapy sessions in-person or remotely via a videoconferencing program on your computer. Or, you can come back for additional intensive days that are spaced weeks apart. Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of different formats with your therapist before beginning therapy.