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New Facebook Forum for Mental Health Professionals

We’re pleased to invite mental health professionals to join a Facebook forum with others who are using the principals of the Pragmatic/Experiential (PEX) Method for Improving Relationships in their lives and in their work. Developed by Couples Clinic therapists and educators  and detailed in the books, Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy and Developing Habits for Relationship Success, the PEX Method translates new findings from neurobiology and relationship science into step-by-step methods for improving relationships.

The PEX Method Facebook forum is a place for people to connect, get to know one another, share insights and struggles, and grow as a community. It will also be used to announce PEX Method trainings and events, find trained clinicians in other areas, ask questions and seek support as peers and colleagues.

To join the forum, just click here and request to join.

Or, you can find the page by opening Facebook and searching for The PEX Method.